How experienced are the instructors?

Our instructor is Unite States Parachute Association (USPA) qualified and has 11,500+ jumps, with over 36 years experience.

When will I jump? 

After you have done your paperwork and ground training, your jump will be scheduled. The timing will depend on your arrival time, the weather, and the size of your group. Plan to spend up to 2-4 hours as it may take time.

How fast will I fall? 

The average speed is 120 mph or 200 ft per second!

How high will we go? 

We jump from 10,000ft. Sometimes clouds or Air Traffic Control prohibit us from getting that high.

Can I breathe? 

Yes, relax and breathe normally. There is lots of fresh air around you!

What does it feel like? 

It’s impossible to describe, but it will be the most invigorating experience you have ever had. You don’t get the sinking stomach feeling that you do on roller coasters or amusement park rides- it really is unlike anything you’ve ever done.

What if I have a disability? 

You should be able to skydive with almost any type of disability. If you have any medical problems, please ask your doctor if skydiving is okay. Also, tell your instructor ahead of time of any issues, particularly if you have back or joint problems. If you have any physical disabilities that we are unsure of, we may require proof from your doctor that it is safe for you to skydive.

Skydiving with Friends 

Can my friends come and watch? 


Can we all go together? 

Each tandem jumper leaves the plane separately from other jumpers, except for their videographer, but you can ride the plane together (2 jumpers at a time) if the scheduling permits.

Where will we land our parachute? 

Our landing area is right next to facility on the airport. Once you land your parachute you can walk right back into facility and you’re done. This also makes it ideal if you have friends and family coming out to watch you skydive.

They can watch your entire experience all the way from gear-up to landing your parachute.

What types of payment do you accept?

Presently, we only accept cash and PayPal. Credit cards will be accepted in the future.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than 24 hours out, we charge you nothing and/or return your PayPal deposit. If you cancel within 24 hours, we will charge you 50% of the tandem jump unless we can fill your timeslot with a new reservation. This is possible as many days, we might have a waitlist. If you chicken out in the airplane, you will still be responsible for 100% of the jump; however, we will waive all video and still fees. We might even give you the video of you chickening out for free….

What about the weather?

Weather will always play a major role in any aviation endeavor. Stormy weather and or high winds will suspend all flight operations. Costa Rica has both typical tropical weather and unusual microclimates. Our “High” season (December through April) is marked with clear, hot sunny days without a drop of rain. This is perfect for those visiting from the northern states, Canada and Arctica. However, sometimes these hot days bring high winds that make flying dangerous and skydiving impossible. Our “Green” season (May through November) bring all of the rain this area gets for the entire year, with September and October being the rainiest historically. Again, however, there are a multitude of days with blue skies, high clouds and light breezes; ideal conditions for skydiving. We do our best to schedule flight operations according to weather forecasts and historical weather data. This usually means early mornings and late afternoons when wind and weather are generally most conducive to flying. At times we may have to reschedule. It is recommended to schedule your jump at the beginning of your vacation in case a reschedule is necessary. We will contact you as soon as possible if we need to reschedule you due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


Is it scary?

It is normal to be apprehensive about jumping from an airplane. The ride up is typically where most students feel the greatest anxiety but few jumpers report feeling anything but thrill once they’ve left that door!

How will I feel when the parachute opens? 

You will definitely know something is happening, but few people have complained about any discomfort.

Are the landings hard? 

Normally, there is less impact than jumping off a chair.


How To Prepare for Your Skydive 

Do I have to make a reservation to go skydiving, and if so, how far in advance? 

Reservations are important for your benefit, but walk-ins are always welcome. Customers with reservations will be offered priority service over walk-Ins. So if you make your reservation with as much advance notice as possible, we’ll hold open the best time slot for you. It is also best to make your reservation at the beginning of your vacation. This way if we have weather issues you will be able to reschedule for another day.

What should I wear? 

You should dress in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and wear shoes that will not fall off and don’t have hooks. No hiking boots, flip flops, or sandals.

What about my glasses/contacts? 

We will supply goggles that can go over glasses if needed. Contacts are fine, just make sure that your instructor is aware of them so that you get appropriate goggles.

What should I eat? 

Eat a nutritious breakfast or lunch. Light carbohydrates and plenty of water or juice. Do not over eat.

Who Can Jump Is there an age limit? 

You must be at least 18 and provide photo identification.

Is there a weight limit?

We take people up to 220lbs. However, there is a fee of $25 for everyone over 200 lbs.

 What can I see up there? 

We will be flying over the beach and the ocean you will have beautiful views of the Nicoya Peninsula,  Arenal Volcano and Monte Verde.

What is weather permitting? 

Clouds, rain, and wind can all prevent skydiving from occurring. The clouds must be at least 8,000 ft above the ground to be able to do a tandem. If the winds are too strong, the canopies cannot land safely. Blue skies are the best!

Can I get a refund? 

Once you have paid, there are no refunds, but you can reschedule your jump for another day. We can make special exceptions for our friends who are traveling from foreign countries and on Vacations.

Should I tip my instructor?

Tips are not expected but always welcome and greatly appreciated. If you aren’t comfortable with cash, we always enjoy beer, wine, tequila… We save it for a rainy day, of course! The best tip is a great referral to friends and family and a great review on Trip Advisor!

Do you offer discounts?

Occasionally, we will offer seasonal discounts, multiple activity discounts. Join our mailing list to hear about these first. In the future, when we are able to accept credit cards, there will be discounts for PayPal and cash payments.