We practice our passion with care and attention to detail.

Our head tandem instructor David Major has made over 11,700 jumps, has been on many world record skydives and has over 36 years of aviation experience.

Our goal is to give you an amazing skydiving experience which includes more than just the jump itself.

We jump 7 days a week, sunrise to sunset, depending on weather and wind conditions. We will assist you in choosing the best time of day to jump, depending on the time of year and current weather trends. Schedule your jump early in your vacation in case weather forces us to reschedule.





Tandem skydiving enables you to fully participate in the entire experience. Your instructor is like training wheels, providing the necessary safety controls so that you can focus on having fun.  You can steer the parachute, if you want?  You’ll get a taste of all of the best skydiving has to offer, both freefall and parachute flight, in the safest environment.

  • 10-20 Minute Training Session
  • Skydive Equipment – Tandem harness and goggles
  • FAA Licensed Rigging Services
  • Certified FAA senior parachute rigger on staff
  • 30 seconds of freefalling over the picturesque coastline
  • Surge of adrenaline : )
  • 4-5 minute scenic parachute ride and a smooth landing
  • Skydiving First Jump Certificate
  • Second Jump Discount Coupon
  • Group discount
  • Free parking
  • Comfortable picnic spectator area
  • Life changing memories to take home to share with your friends and loved ones!
  • Fun –lots of it!                                                                     And we would love you to have fun with us!