• First you will not find us operating out of the back of a pickup truck, Wandering all over the country, like the other operators in the country.
  • Our Location, we are centrally located on the Pacific Coast. We are 30 miles north of Jaco, 50 miles from San Jose, and 70 south of Tamarindo, in a small town called Aranjuez. We operate on a private airfield home to Aero Club De Aranjuez just 2 miles from the coast.
  • Our Experience, we have over 39 years of it in this sport, with over 12500 skydives under our belt. We have many accomplishments, awards and ratings. To name a few we were selected to film President Bush on his second Civilian skydive, I have jumped into the King of Thailands Royal Palace with Joint Chief of Staff General Hugh Shelton. I have been in Major Motion Pictures, Been a National Champion, Represented the United State in World Championships. And i am a Multi-Time World Record Holder. (see our attached Bio for a complete list).
  • Our Equipment is state of the art and maintained by a Federal Aviation Association Certified Master Parachute Rigger in our fully equipped Parachute loft. The parachutes have an onboard computer that will automatically deploy the parachute if the instructor were to become incapacitated for any reason.
  • Our Aircraft, Every aspect of inspection and maintenance is overseen by a Federal Aviation Association Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with over 41 year’s experience trained by the United States Air Force. The Mechanic is on staff at all times.
  • Our Facility, There are very few private or public airports in this country that have aircraft hangers. We are fortunate to be able to operate out of one of them. Our hanger has a comfortable and spacious waiting and viewing area We have a certified parachute rigging loft. There is also a beautiful covered picnic area next to our creek.
  • We might not have the the shiniest or most twitter followers on the web. But who do you want strapped to your back and in charge of saving your life? Some young Tweety Bird or the most experienced Skydiver in Costa Rica?


This is an animal preserve not a zoo They recover animals from poachers and people who have had them as pets and attempt to rehabilitate them for release back into the wild when possible. They have thousand of Exotic Birds, Monkeys, Jaguars, Tapiers, Deer, Wild Boar, Turtles and an Ocelot to name a few.
All these animals are in huge and beautiful enclosures.
It takes about an hour and a half to walk through in a shaded natural setting .
This is something else that can be added to the jump day or a fun excursion for other members of the group that might not be jumping.